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Works Database Converter

Got an old Microsoft Works Database file that you can no longer read?

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This application converts old Microsoft Works Database (*.wdb) files (e.g. MS Works 3 and 4) into a spreadsheet compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel. The data extraction is done on a 'best-effort' basis, which works reasonably well provided that you only have one table of data per file that you process.

The best solution is always to load up the database into an old copy of Microsoft Works and then export as CSV, or some other file format readable by Excel or Access. However, in the event that you only have the database file, this application may help.

Requirement: You need Java installed on your computer for this application to work. You can check whether you already have Java via this page.

Works Database Converter is free, but supported entirely by donations. If you find it useful please consider making a donation below (even a few €/$/£ help to keep this website running).

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Launch the application using Java Webstart

- Click on the icon to launch Works Database Converter now.

Note: You may need to accept a security warning. This is normal because this application needs access to your computer in order to read your files for conversion. Your data remains safe and secure on your computer. At no point is your data ever sent across the internet.

Works Database Converter was last updated on 20th May 2008. This new version improves the handling of numeric fields.

If you run this application from an icon on your desktop / start menu, it will automatically update the next time you run it.

If you should find a bug with this application, please report it at bugs.codealchemists.com.

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